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Be the Positive Change

Be the Positive Change

Be the positive change in this world!
Our thoughts, words and actions create a ripple effect throughout the universe.
I know it’s impossible to be a 100% positive 24/7…however if we allow ourselves to be sucked down the rabbit hole of despair on a continually basis we will attract negativity. 
It’s imperative for the well-being of our minds, bodies and souls to put forth a concerted effort of positivity every day. It actually takes more energy to be negative and judgmental toward yourself and others than it does by being the beacon of positive light our universe is in need of. 
Have you ever noticed by offering a simple hello and good day to those that you meet it actually puts a smile on their face? Or…. You look great in that outfit! How it literally puts a spring in their step. 
Go ahead…. choose your words wisely for kindness and see what it does for your energy level and for those around you. 

Be the positive change.



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