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Blog Themes Announcement for Energy of Serenity – Donna McDine, Reiki Master

Blog Themes Announcement for Energy of Serenity – Donna McDine, Reiki Master

I am delighted to be kicking off the week of January 26, 2020 my blog themes for Energy of Serenity…


Focus continues to be my theme of 2020 rather than allowing distractions to sway me from blogging regularly. I’ve created three weekly post themes at Energy of Serenity.


Tuesdays = Transformation Tips Tuesday

Transformation definition: noun – a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance

Tuesday’s I will focus on my tips as to how I have moved along on my spiritual path.


Thursdays = Tantalizing Thursday

Tantalizing definition: adjective – exciting one’s senses or desires.

Thursday’s I will focus on the books, classes and ceremonies that have guided me in my continued spiritual elevation.


Saturdays = Self-care Saturdays

Self-care definition: noun – the practice of taking actions to preserve or improve one’s own health.

Saturday’s I will focus on how self-care is not selfish but imperative to your well-being and the self-care tips I take daily.


I am looking forward to engaging chats with visitors.


I am filled with gratitude for your time and interest. Thank you.













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