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Energy of Serenity Distance Reiki Sessions with a Reiki Healing Proxy Board

Energy of Serenity Distance Reiki Sessions with a Reiki Healing Proxy Board

Reiki Healing Proxy Board, Crystals and Candles to Facilitate Distance Reiki


As announced on Thursday, February 4th… “Stay tuned for my next blog post as to how I utilize a Reiki Proxy Board, Crystals and Candles to Facilitate Distance Reiki sessions.” I’m pleased to share with you how these components aid in directing the Reiki Healing Energy through time and space.


Reiki Healing Proxy Board



Christmas of 2019 I received the most delightful gift from my daughters! A Reiki Healing Proxy Board along with a set of Chakra Crystals and Selenite wand. The items were purchased from The Grove Apothica. These tools have become such an instrumental way of facilitating Distance Reiki sessions to my clients I purchased an additional Reiki Healing Proxy Board not too long ago. Visit The Grove Apothica at their Etsy Shop.


Setting the Reiki Healing Intentions Prior to the Client Session


As my practice continues to flourish with multiple clients per day, the Reiki Healing Proxy Board is a terrific way of setting the intentions for a client session well before the session begins.


On the morning of a client’s session I set up the cleansed chakra crystals on the Reiki Healing Proxy Board along with a picture of the client placed underneath the candle and I set the intentions for a healing for the highest good. I then step way and allow the crystals to “charge” for several hours prior to the commencement of the client’s session.


Facilitation of a Distance Reiki Session


As I begin facilitation of a Distance Reiki session I light the candle, invoke the Reiki symbols and settle in to direct the Reiki healing light to the client. The added boost these tools provide is exhilarating for the client as well for myself.


Conclusion of a Distance Reiki Session

Upon conclusion of a Distance Reiki Session I share with the client a photo of the Reiki Healing Proxy Board along with sensations felt, suggestions to aid in keeping the positive energy moving throughout the body and releasing the stagnant energy.


Whether the session is conducted via Zoom or where the client lays comfortably at home listening to the instrumental music the process of sharing upon the conclusion is similar. Via Zoom it’s a conversation of the sensations felt and suggestions and when the client lays comfortably it’s an email exchange.


Keeping the Reiki Master Teacher and Client Connection Going


The session doesn’t end there. I encourage the client to contact me within a few days to share as to how they are feeling and to ask any additional questions they may have. I have received wonderful feedback from my clients that they enjoy the fact that the door is always open for their questions and sharing of their experience. My approach is to keep an open line of communication and connection long after the session is complete. For human contact helps both the facilitator and receiver to flourish in wonderfully pleasant ways.


Ask Your Reiki Questions


Please feel free to ask your questions either here in the comment section or email me privately at Ask your Reiki Questions.


I look forward to connecting with you.


Please remain safe and well!


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Thank you for your interest!


Please continue to be safe and well.



Donna McDine

Reiki Master Teacher at Energy of Serenity










Donna McDine

I’m Donna McDine, Reiki Master and Mystic Light Energy Healer. I help women and men unveil their inner peace through Reiki energy healing. Through Reiki they can experience a serene and gentle journey to improve the overall quality of their lives. To find out more about my personal journey and how I can help unleash your personal energy healing visit me today at www.energyofserenity.com. For those of you interested in staying connected, I invite you to become an opt-in subscriber to my newsletter, which comes with a $20 off gift for one Reiki energy healing service as well as advanced notice to special offers before they are made to the general public. With love and light, Donna

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