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Divine Timing is No Coincidence by Donna McDine, Reiki Master

Divine Timing is No Coincidence by Donna McDine, Reiki Master

As I’ve been focusing on the importance of self-care daily and in my recent social media posts as well as on my website www.energyofserenity.com, I received the beautiful Cobaltian Calcite crystal from my daughters for my birthday and the meaning and benefits of Cobaltian Calcite ties directly into self-care.
Cobaltian Calcite is a druzy, crystaline form of Pink Calcite. Pink Calcite is perfect for your heart, releasing old fears and grief, bringing in the essence of unconditional love. The pink ray always works dramatically on the heart chakra, gently cleansing and then transmuting all stored, negative issues of self-worth, self-confidence and self-acceptance. It will allow the integration of positive energy within all levels of your chakra system – the positive energy being love, compassion, and the understanding of unity within diversity. This brings tolerance, forgiveness and ultimately the complete expression of universal love and self-love. It relieves all stress, tension and anxiety, especially about your physical body. Pink Calcite’s energy can just melt and dissolve your resistance to loving yourself enough to honor your body as the temple of your soul. This means taking care of yourself and choosing food that nurtures you, rather than listening to the negative ego, which only seeks instant gratification, regardless of the long-term detrimental effects. It removes fears and eases nightmares.
A heartfelt thank you to my daughters, Nicole and Hayley and to Crystals on the Rocks in Nyack, NY for selecting such a beautiful crystal and the Lotus Flower candle holder tops the cake!
Donna McDine

I’m Donna McDine, Reiki Master and Mystic Light Energy Healer. I help women and men unveil their inner peace through Reiki energy healing. Through Reiki they can experience a serene and gentle journey to improve the overall quality of their lives. To find out more about my personal journey and how I can help unleash your personal energy healing visit me today at www.energyofserenity.com. For those of you interested in staying connected, I invite you to become an opt-in subscriber to my newsletter, which comes with a $20 off gift for one Reiki energy healing service as well as advanced notice to special offers before they are made to the general public. With love and light, Donna

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