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Donna’s Journey

Donna McDine Reiki Master at Energy of Serenity
Donna McDine

Certified Reiki Master Teacher


Photo credit:
Joe Gartner Photography, Pearl River, NY

We all experience our own unique life journey. No two journeys are the same. They consist of joys and triumphs, unexpected blows and losses, and everything in-between. These life events make up who we are. Our reaction to each experience is our blueprint for us to learn from. We benefit from this learning regardless if it is perceived as a positive or a negative experience.


Origins of a Reiki Master Teacher: The Journey Begins

My life journey began in 1967 in Congers, a suburb of Rockland County, NY. I experienced a blissful childhood with my parents and siblings. Thankfully, we were all nurtured and continue to be so by our parents to this day. Not to say I didn’t experience bumps and bruises along the way. No one’s life is 100% positive at every given moment.


I found schoolwork daunting as a young teen. The struggles to stay afloat in the academic world were stressful for me. The public school system in those days typically did not think outside of the box for students that truly needed different learning tools. From my perspective for the struggling students, like myself, no matter how hard we tried, decent grades were out of reach. We were often labeled as lazy and were pushed along the system. Thankfully I graduated high school with my peers, but I allowed myself to get stuck in the perception from the academic world that I was not going to amount to much.


Breaking the Cycle of Pain without Medication

As I continued to navigate the teen and early adulthood years, I suffered from debilitating migraines. Physicians often told me that migraines were heredity and because of my family history should expect this to be part of my life. At that time and for many years I accepted this as truth. And because of this acceptance I was often sidelined from enjoying my life for days at time as yet another migraine (Reiki Heals Migraines by Donna McDine – Reiki News Magazine – Spring 2022) would inflict its pain. Until the world of Reiki, meditation, journaling, crystals, tapping and eating different were introduced to me. Thankfully I eventually broke the cycle of my migraines without medication. Woo hoo!


In my early twenties, I married my still to this day sweetheart; Tom and we have two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Hayley. I am a Rockland County, NY native and have lived in three different suburbs, Congers (my childhood), Suffern (early years of marriage) and for the last 22 years have lived in Tappan, NY.


Bringing Reiki Services to Rockland

our wedding anniversary

Tom and I on our 30th wedding anniversary.

Residing near the southern border of Rockland County, NY presents the additional opportunity to provide my Reiki energy healing services to my Bergen County neighbors seeking alternative holistic energy healing. My favorite part about living in Tappan, NY is that it keeps me close to my favorite Italian delis. Amato Bread in Northvale, NJ and the Piermont Pier in Piermont, NY. The glorious two-mile walk along the Hudson River is the perfect way to rejuvenate my energy. Also, an added bonus to our area is that in 2019 we had a fabulous time celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary at Del Arte Italian restaurant in Orangeburg, NY.


As I continue to progress through my journey, my quest for living my life outside of the conforms of society has opened up a whole new path to me of spiritual elevation, evolution and connection. My mentors along the way have been instrumental in authentic connection and guidance. Without them I would have let the external naysayers of the past and my own internal naysayer to squash my additional new path.


Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher

I’m delighted to say, I am now certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and my journey continues to astound me each and every day!


Thank you with immense gratitude, love and joy to…
My husband & daughters, my mentors, my friends and family (you know who you are!)

Donna McDine’s Bio:

Donna is a certified Reiki Master Teacher (Mystic Turquoise Healer) and award-winning children’s author. She guides those seeking an alternative way of living life to unveil their inner peace through energy healing by experiencing a serene and gentle Reiki journey to improve the overall quality of their lives. She has studied under renowned healers Dyan Garris, Rita Gigante, and Melissa Paone Somma.


To learn more about Donna’s personal journey and how she can help unleash your personal energy healing, email her today at donna@energyofserenity.com or to connect through her children’s books visit Donna at www.donnamcdine.com.


For those of you interested in staying connected, Donna invites you to become an opt-in subscriber to her Energy of Serenity newsletter, which comes with a $20 off gift for one Reiki energy healing service or class, “5 Powerful Reasons to Start Meditating Today Guide” as well as advanced notice to special offers before they are made to the general public. Opt-in at www.energyofserenity.com.

 Reiki & Chakra Instruction and Certification by:

Melissa Paone Somma

Certified Reiki Master Instructor, LMT
Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki II Practitioner
Reiki I Healer
Crystal Reiki Level I Certification by:
Luna Enchanted ~ Psychic Medium Luna Hacker


Channeling Mastery Certification
The Psychic Teacher ~ Betsy-Morgan Coffman