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Don’t Allow the Storm to Destroy You

Don’t Allow the Storm to Destroy You

Life is a roller coaster. 

One moment all that you do and experience appears to be in sync and then wham… sudden chaos. 

How we react to the pleasant and not so pleasant events in our lives is how well we come out the other side. Approaching every moment with a calm reaction is virtually impossible for life can be so overwhelming with all the demands of of time. 

What is one to do to avoid falling down the rabbit hole of darkness? 

When you feel overwhelmed and filled with despair this is the time when it’s the most important for you to take time for yourself… even if it’s just ten minutes. It can be… 

  • a solitude moment of a hot cup of tea
  • laying down and recenter yourself with deep breathing
  • blasting music in your car and letting out a scream
  • calling your closest friend

The list is endless. You will know from within what works best for you. 

Don’t allow the storm to destroy you. 

Roar thru it & come out the other side… stronger & better! 




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