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Inspiration and Manifestation at Energy of Serenity Reiki Services

Inspiration and Manifestation at Energy of Serenity Reiki Services

Inspiration and Manifestation:

Creating the Life You Desire


For me inspiration comes at the most unexpected times…typically alone in the car while listening to my favorite music. While driving to various appointments today, I was focusing on the word manifestation. What it means and how I will continue to go about attaining best-selling author status, being a sought out Reiki Master facilitator and elevating my connection to the archangels and my spirit guides.


Some may say these are very tall orders and impossible to achieve. I no longer listen to the naysayers nor to my long ago squashed inner critic. Instead I received this clear message from my spirit guides:


“Dearest Dee (the nickname my now 36 year old niece bestowed upon me long ago), you are doing so by putting your inspiration out there and accomplishing the steps to propel your actions into manifestation. Keep surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Do not be swayed and your manifestation work will create the life you so desire.”


Chills ran up and down my arms as the song ‘Growin’ Up’ by Bruce Springsteen blasted over the airwaves of my vehicle. Springsteen’s narrative flowed over the instrumental describing what his parents wanted for him in life and what he wanted. Fortunately, Springsteen never wavered in his long felt desire to become a musician. His path was not always easy and he stayed determined and truly manifested his inspiration into an incredible career.


Thus far for myself, my manifestation intentions and actions have me recognized as an award-winning children’s author and Reiki Master. As I continue to create the life I desire into reality, I continue to put forth my inspirations to the Universe by stating what I want as though it is already happening.



My path has not always been direct and easy, but by surrounding myself with like-minded people, I continue to learn from them all.


My desire for you is that you find what inspires you and that you too manifest the life of your dreams. Email me today!


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Please continue to be safe and well.




Reiki Master Teacher

Energy of Serenity











Donna McDine

I’m Donna McDine, Reiki Master and Mystic Light Energy Healer. I help women and men unveil their inner peace through Reiki energy healing. Through Reiki they can experience a serene and gentle journey to improve the overall quality of their lives. To find out more about my personal journey and how I can help unleash your personal energy healing visit me today at www.energyofserenity.com. For those of you interested in staying connected, I invite you to become an opt-in subscriber to my newsletter, which comes with a $20 off gift for one Reiki energy healing service as well as advanced notice to special offers before they are made to the general public. With love and light, Donna

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