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Transformation Tips Tuesday – Interview with Kate Hurley

Transformation Tips Tuesday – Interview with Kate Hurley


Welcome to this week’s edition of Energy of Serenity’s Transformation Tips Tuesday…

I am pleased to share with you all my recent interview of Kate Hurley…



Interview with Kate Hurley…


Kate Hurley and I first met via email a few weeks ago when she reached out to me about hosting her on my Energy of Serenity blog. After reading about Kate, her journey and her book Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life I happily said yes. And without further ado, our recent interview together…


DMc: Kate, what inspired you to write Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life and why do you feel it’s an important topic?



Kate: I am 45 and have never been married. There were so few good books out there that spoke to my predicament: expecting to get married in my 20s and it never happening despite my prayers and online dates and everything in between. There are also a lot of divorced people that don’t have great books on singleness. I wanted singles to feel like they weren’t alone, so I set out to write a book that was both real about what I was going through and was also tempered with hope. It is such an important topic in my opinion because being forever single or divorced or widowed can be very difficult.


DMc: Please share your publishing journey. Are you traditionally published or self-published? For either, why did you select that route?


Kate: This book has been on quite a journey…it started out self published under the title Getting Naked Later. Then a publisher picked it up and changed the name to Cupid is a Procrastinator. 5 years later the publisher came back and said they wanted to relaunch it with the original title again. Kind of hilarious!


DMc: Do you have an agent? If yes, how has the relationship helped with your publishing journey? If not, do you plan on signing with an agent?


Kate: Yes, I do have an agent who has been a great benefit for me.


DMc: You have a wonderful YouTube video of you reading an excerpt of your book, what do you find to be the most important marketing tool for you?


Kate: I really want my readers to feel like they know me. I say on my blog “you are more than just an email to me, just as I am more than just a brand.” I do feel that way…every reader is important to me and I am so honored they are reading my words. I want to bring humanness to any marketing I do and truly set out to make friends even while I am marketing my book.


DMc: As you continue to walk and talk about your author life, what can readers expect from your style of writing and are you working on a work-in-progress?


Kate: I have a new book I am working on called Prodigal Mind: Change Your Story, One Thought at a Time. It is about becoming a compassionate observer of our inner landscape. I have worked really hard on this book and think it will bring healing to a lot of people if it is published. One of the reasons I want the singleness book to do well this time around is so that I can get a publisher for my new book.


DMc: Lastly, where can readers connect with you?


Kate: My website katehurley.com has information about both my music and my writing.  I am launching a new blog at restoreyourstory.online. It is brand new so there are not a lot of posts yet. You can find my book Getting Naked Later: Making Sense of the Unexpected Single Life on Amazon.


Kate, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you and I look to our Facebook Live interview on August 4th at 7 pm.


I invite you to join me as I interview Kate on August 4th at 7 pm on Facebook. It’s sure to be an insightful interview and time well spent.


Thank you for your time and interest.



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