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Energy of Serenity Reiki Client Testimonials

Energy of Serenity Reiki Client Testimonials


I am delighted to share client testimonials. I am filled with gratitude to all my clients for placing their energy healing within my Energy of Serenity practice. Thank you one and all!



“I went for my first ever Reiki session yesterday. It was wonderful. Donna is so warm and welcoming; I immediately felt comfortable with her. The session itself was very relaxing and so interesting. I felt such heat that I would have sworn Donna was doing something to make her hands warm before she held them over me. But when she touched my hands, her hands were cold!! The heat must have all been from the energy. So amazing. The best part is last night I slept like I haven’t slept in ages. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed- that never happens! I feel lighter and more energized today. Can’t wait to go for another session.” ~ Mary D.


“I have now had two Reiki sessions with Donna.  I was hooked after the first one.  Donna is very professional and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable and relaxed in her presence. I felt warm and tingly all over my body without her actually touching me!! She also concentrated on areas of my body where I was feeling pain/discomfort without me telling her about it.  I felt much more calm, relaxed and centered after each session.” 

~ Dawn J.


“Throughout my Reiki session I felt a lot of stress leave my neck and chest area. Also experienced a great calming sense.” ~ Anthony R.


“This first time Reiki experience for this newcomer was intriguing. As the Reiki master began her work she focused on my breathing and encouraged me to relax, I lost sense of my surroundings and found my tense muscles loosening. The meditation music, along with the movement of her hands above my body, brought immediate results. I could feel heat permeating over my arms and legs and surprisingly, Donna, focused on my left temple where I had been experiencing a twitching eye throughout a 4-hour drive. As I continued breathing deeply, the twitching sensation disappeared and my body became even more relaxed. Before I knew it, the 45-minute session was completed. My first question to Donna was what time it was. I was amazed to find out that 45 minutes had passed. My initial thought was only 10 minutes had passed. As the Reiki session ended, my body and mind felt rejuvenated. This was truly an experience I will never forget. I look forward to my next visit.” ~ Debra B.


“Good morning all, just want to take a moment and thank my dearest friend, Donna McDine for creating a beautiful healing space ‘Energy of Serenity’ in Tappan, NY. I was the recipient of her Reiki session the other day and it was by far the most incredible loving, healing, and peaceful experience I have felt in a long time. She is truly gifted and I would highly recommend you experiencing her gift. I’m still feeling the positive effects of it. Check her out on FB and Instagram. Love you my friend.” ~ Rita G.


“If you are thinking of going to a Reiki Master, I highly recommend Donna McDine. She is skilled at her craft and makes it a wonderful experience.” ~ Janet O.

“My first Reiki experience was amazing! It was so relaxing and could not believe that I could actually feel the negative energy releasing from my body. Would recommend it to everyone!” ~ Elizabeth C.


“Donna is a great person and is a wonderful healer. The long distant Reiki left me feeling good and relaxed and the timing couldn’t be better with the virus spreading all around us. I totally recommend Energy of Serenity!” ~ Laurie S.


“So honestly the distant Reiki session we had was spot on. I loved every second of it. When I first started at 5:30 I wasn’t sure what might happen or how it might start but than it did. My heart started beating faster and faster but during that whole time I felt stress and all my anxiety leave my body but come from my heart. It felt so unreal but it was realer than anything I’ve ever experienced. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed and how much I gained so much from this Reiki session.” ~ Kevin G.


“I’ve never had a distance Reiki healing before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say that I was so pleased with the session! Donna created an atmosphere of calm and serenity (her business is very appropriately named!) that I experienced in my own home, many miles away from her practice. She was completely prepared; she had crystals charging overnight just for me alongside my photo in preparation for our session. During the session Donna discovered certain physical discomforts and pain I had been experiencing and flooded the areas with healing energy. I found it very helpful! She even picked up on a chronic sharp pain I was having in an ankle! Overall, the experience was very relaxing and energetically restorative. I came away feeling very centered and in a much better mood than when we started, and in less pain! I highly recommend working with Donna and I am looking forward to experiencing a healing session with her in person.” ~ Lisa I.


“This was my second time having a distance Reiki session. I found Donna on Facebook after my own practitioner quit and have had one wonderful distance session with her so far. Donna was very communicative throughout the whole process and made me very comfortable with the experience. I appreciated that her feedback was clear and actionable.” ~ Kristin H.


“I was fortunate to have two distant Reiki sessions with Donna and I can’t tell you what a difference they made! I was struggling with some low feelings and I just couldn’t shake them. After the first session, I felt energized and was very productive. After the second, I began to feel closer to alignment. After both sessions, I was able to tackle tasks that I just couldn’t touch before. Her insight was amazing and very much appreciated. Donna is a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!” ~ Katie F.


“Donna is a wonderful and gifted Reiki Healer. It is just over a year since I have taken my first Reiki certification class with Donna. The benefits of being able to perform self-Reiki are truly amazing.” ~ Lisa H.


“I had the pleasure of a Distance Reiki session with Donna McDine. Let me highly recommend her services if you are considering Reiki. Donna explained everything beforehand and removed my concerns about my first session being from a distance. It was an amazing experience of relaxation and peace. I have trouble meditating and this has definitely helped to calm my mind. I’m so glad I decided to try it, and was so impressed I decided to take her level one Reiki course. Donna is a thorough professional who emailed her thoughts after our session and I was amazed to find that she immediately honed in on two physical issues I was having, which resulted in both issues being greatly relieved almost immediately! Truly amazing. Let me highly recommend Donna!” ~ Sharon P.


“I cannot recommend Donna McDine highly enough as a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. I had the privilege of taking her Reiki courses and becoming a Reiki Master under her and was so impressed by her enthusiasm and general knowledge of Reiki. She answered every question patiently and completely, supplied all the necessary materials and continues to serve as an inspiration in my Reiki journey. She has an amazing intuition and feel for teaching. Reiki classes and sessions with her are everything one could possible hope for as well.” ~ Sharon S.


“My son is a collegiate hockey player and has studied all aspects of training. He speaks frequently about the importance of controlling his breathing to help him focus and recover in between shifts. He did a session with Donna and was blown away by the effectiveness of Donna’s Reiki session and how helpful her methods are. He and I highly recommend Donna.” ~ Patti S.



“Donna is amazing at her Reiki practice. She services the Rockland area. Has a beautiful zen den in her home and makes you feel so welcome and calm. I do Reiki with her weekly and my whole mind and body has changed from doing the work in my self-care and mental awareness of where I give energy. This has truly changed me for the better. She is located in Tappan, NY” ~ Joanne D.


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Donna McDine

I’m Donna McDine, Reiki Master and Mystic Light Energy Healer. I help women and men unveil their inner peace through Reiki energy healing. Through Reiki they can experience a serene and gentle journey to improve the overall quality of their lives. To find out more about my personal journey and how I can help unleash your personal energy healing visit me today at www.energyofserenity.com. For those of you interested in staying connected, I invite you to become an opt-in subscriber to my newsletter, which comes with a $20 off gift for one Reiki energy healing service as well as advanced notice to special offers before they are made to the general public. With love and light, Donna

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