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Slay the Inner Naysayer – Donna McDine, Reiki Master

I am determined to create a unique 2020 and beyond. I first chatted about slaying my inner naysayer at www.donna-mcdine.blogspot.com as to my writing goals.   Today at Energy of Serenity I’m focusing on taking the proactive steps to manifest my Reiki energy healing practice for myself,

Guided Meditation for Prosperity & Abundance with Rita Gigante

Join Rita Gigante Guided Meditation using Mala Beads for Prosperity and Abundance Friday, June 28th at 7-9 pm 200 Washington Street Tappan, NY Each participant will receive a string of mala beads, a set of 108 beads, to use as a tool to help the mind focus on the mantra during meditation. Call 201.414.1667 to

The Best Day of Your Life

Recently I was flagged by this image of "Memories on Facebook" post from 5 years ago and it still resonates with me today! Five plus years ago I came to the realization that I needed to change my approach to my life after suffering from debilitating migraines

The Importance of Self Care without the Guilt

The Importance of Self Care without the Guilt Do not feel guilty of self care.  It’s imperative for a healthy soul, mind and body.  I focused on a complete weekend of self care and boy did it feel and continues to feel terrific!  Kicked off the weekend on Friday

Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body is essential. ⁣⁣Feed your body with healthy nourishment and exercise.⁣⁣Feed your soul/mind with positive affirmations and meditation. ⁣⁣Plan and follow through on your self-care and watch your positivity soar.  💕🙏⁣⁣#meditation ⁣#affirmations ⁣#positivity ⁣#reiki ⁣#energyofserenity