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Tantalizing Thursday with Reiki Master, Donna McDine Interviews Mary Driscoll of Stay at Home Fit

Tantalizing Thursday with Reiki Master, Donna McDine Interviews Mary Driscoll of Stay at Home Fit


Welcome to today’s edition of Tantalizing Thursdays at Energy of Serenity. I am over the moon excited to share with you my recent interview with Mary Driscoll of Stay at Home Fit.



Mary, I’ve known your sister Jeanne, for many years but I never had the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know you until about a year ago. Our first meeting was at a women’s retreat in Montvale and getting to know you through the various sessions was and continues to be invigorating. I am grateful the Universe has connected us with an authentic connection of friendship.


Donna: Your Stay at Home Fit ~ mind, body, life blog www.stayathomefit.com is a wonderful resource of your honest journey of fitness, nutrition, motivation and mindset. Please share with our visitors how and why you created Stay at Home




Mary: I have always loved writing, but didn’t do much writing as an adult. I wasn’t really sure how it fit into my life as a stay-at-home-mom. Then I discovered blogging. I loved reading blogs and they often inspired me to make changes in my own life. I’d see friends with a talent and tell them they should start a blog. I told my sister-in-law who’s amazing at woodworking and crafts to start a craft blog, my super organized friend to start an organization blog. But I felt like I didn’t have anything to blog about. I’m not into fashion, I’m not crafty, and I’m terribly unorganized! But I had just lost over 25 pounds and started clean eating. That’s when it dawned on me that I could write about my health and fitness experiences.


Donna: You’ve been holding out on me! I know you have had terrific success with

Beachbody workouts, but I had to no idea you are an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and your most recent challenge kicked off March 1, 2020. Kudos to you. Please share your success with Beachbody and why it inspired you to become a coach.


Mary: Haha! Sometimes I don’t mention I’m a Beachbody coach because I don’t want to scare people off. I feel like coaches get a bad rep (is it rep or rap??) because of a few crazy pushy ones. But I do love Beachbody. I was never into exercise- not as a kid, not as a grown up. I really thought exercise was just for sporty people or people trying to be thin. My only experiences with exercise were when I was trying to be thin- that had always been my only reason to do it. After the birth of my fourth child, I did want to lose weight. But more than that I wanted to get healthy, I wanted to feel strong, I wanted to be fit. I saw an infomercial for Insanity and ordered it for myself for a birthday present- my 37th birthday. For some reason, I stuck with Insanity like I had never stuck with anything in my life and it changed everything. I think a big part of it was my mindset- wanting to be strong and healthy instead of wanting to be skinny- and a big part of it was the motivation of doing the program. I learned a ton of life lessons through the process. I’ve been doing Beachbody programs ever since! Two years into my “fitness journey” I decided to become a coach and start my blog. They very much went hand in hand. The health and fitness base of Beachbody gave me a topic for my blog and a reason to write! I have since branched out to more on motherhood and personal growth. But I really believe exercise is a great first step in making overall life changes. The coaching aspect of Beachbody opened me up to personal development and I am grateful for all the ways it has changed my life. I don’t think Beachbody is the answer for everyone (and I coach people who get their exercise in other ways) but I do think they offer amazing tools and a formula that makes success more likely.


Donna: We are living in unprecedented times with COVID-19.


  1. How are you approaching this pandemic without loosing your cool with running a household of six?
  2. Between the typical wife and mother juggling act how is the “homeschooling” going?
  3. My girls are now 25 and 22 and it’s difficult at times to make sense of all of this, how are you handling the topic with your school age children?


Mary: Again, fitness is my base. I am doing my best to work out every day- if only because it helps tremendously with my mood! At first I struggled- I usually wake up at 5 am to work out- giving me an hour before my kids get up for school. With us all at home, I stopped setting my alarm! I’d wake up with my kids and before I knew it, I was swept up in what everyone else was doing- helping with homework, making snacks and lunches. My own routines went out the window. So now I’m setting my alarm- not quite for 5 am! But for 7:30 or so. I get my workout and my morning routine done first and then I feel ready to “mom.” I’m also trying to meditate each day- something I have struggled to make an everyday practice. I hang a headband on my doorknob and announce it to the rest of the house before I start, LOL. Taking time to care of myself helps me so much. And then I don’t get snippy because I’m resenting being spread too thin. There are still days I shuffle around and feel overwhelmed by what’s happening and sad, but I try to make those days fewer and farther between now.


Homeschooling is going pretty well. It has reminded me how grateful I am for four kids who are pretty good students. I think it would be much harder if they struggled with schoolwork or fought me on getting started. They like to get it done and they really start as soon as they wake up without me prompting them! I don’t take that for granted! We do have our moments, though. My oldest is taking some tough classes and is missing the support that comes from being in a classroom. My youngest is in second grade and worries that he’s not doing something correctly. So they all have their anxiety about school, but overall it’s going well. I try to give each one my undivided attention for a period of time; I check in with them and help them with whatever they need help with and then move on to the next one. I think the teachers are doing an amazing job!


First of all, we never have the news on! Secondly, I let them guide the conversations. I am honest with them, but I don’t tell them everything. We have had a few friends and family members who have gotten the virus, so we’ve had conversations about the virus itself- who is most at risk, why it’s important to stay home, how to stay safe. I don’t tell them about the scarier cases, I try to reassure them. My older ones especially might hear things from friends, so I do try to tell them stuff they might hear. I’d rather them know the truth; I don’t want to shelter them too much. I try to model staying informed without getting overwhelmed with what’s happening. I highlight the good aspects of this- things people in the community are doing, the selflessness of essential workers, the beautiful acts of kindness and we’ve been trying to do our own acts of kindness. They feel good about that. I help through anxious moments by guiding them to take deep breaths, take a break, do something that makes them feel in control.


Donna: Please share how visitors may connect with you.


Mary: I would love for your visitors to visit my blog: www.stayathomefit.com. I write new posts each week (usually!). I am also very active on my Facebook page and try to share little bits of inspiration. I’m also getting my feet wet over on Insatgram


My email is mary@stayathomefit.com


Mary, it has been an honor to interview you today. I’m looking forward to a time when we can meet up in-person sooner rather than later.


Thank you so much for interviewing me, Donna! I am so happy we met; I felt an immediate connection and your friendship has meant a lot to me! I’ve also learned a lot from you, especially about Reiki. You’re amazing! I look forward to an in-person meeting as well!


Awww… you make me blush! Thank you for taking the time out to chat with me today.



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Donna McDine

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Donna McDine

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