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Tantalizing Thursday Reiki Master, Donna McDine Interviews Psychic Medium, Rita Gigante

Tantalizing Thursday Reiki Master, Donna McDine Interviews Psychic Medium, Rita Gigante


Welcome to today’s edition of Tantalizing Thursdays at Energy of Serenity. Today I’m chatting with Psychic Medium and Healer, Rita Gigante of Space of Grace Healing.


Space of Grace Healing



Interview with Rita Gigante


Rita, I first met you about ten years ago when you and your now wife, Bobbie were hosting a Psychic Medium and Healing event in Sparkill, NY. We immediately hit it off during the registration process and while I did not have a reading with you that day, we have developed an amazing and unconditional loving friendship.



Donna: You have had and continue to have quite the interesting life. What inspire you to create your safe-haven, Space of Grace Healing?


Rita: I have always known that I wanted to help people on their paths. When I was a child, I did not feel safe in my own home and it was important for me to create a safe-haven “Space of Grace” for others to feel safe enough to embark on their journey with encouragement, love, acceptance, courage and joy. I have been blessed to be able to create this for others and I am truly grateful.


Donna: As you approach your daily work as a psychic medium and healer, how do you protect yourself from not taking on the energies of others?


Rita: My protection comes from first grounding myself. That could mean several things. I could walk barefoot outside, hug a tree, sit on the grass and imagine myself connected to mother earth, wearing a essential oil that’s grounding, keeping stones in my pocket. Lately I’m doing this by journaling and Qi Gong. I also imagine a white light surrounding my whole body and I push my aura out 15 ft all around me and that makes me feel protected. I think people should use whatever technique they feel comfortable with to create that feeling of protection.


Donna: In this hustle and bustle world we live in, do you feel people should protect themselves from others energies even if they aren’t psychic mediums and/or healers?


Rita: Everyone is affected by people whether negative or positive. They may not call it energy but they are directly affected and it can be harmful. They notice a change in their attitude when they are around someone or after they hang up the phone with a family member. So yes, I think people should protect themselves because even if they don’t know that they are being affected by others, this will ensure that they are protected.


Donna: A question for both you and Bobbie. How do you balance married life and running Space of Grace Healing together?


Rita: Many people ask me this because they can’t fathom working with their spouse. Bobbie and I are very creative in different ways and this helps us in sharing our responsibility in the business and even in the home. We both know our assets and our weaknesses and work together to help each other when we need to. We also have family time which helps. That means, no phone calls or business after a certain time and we always try to eat dinner together. Communication is so important and also allowing for each other’s differences.


Donna: We are living in unprecedented times with COVID-19. How are you approaching this pandemic without loosing your cool?


Rita: Well, I so appreciate the down time. It has opened me up to Spirit and my higher self even more. I am doing things now that I would put off before. I began writing again, exercising, Qi Gong, reading, etc I have even more of an appreciation for mother earth. I can feel her humming with joy because we have slowed down.


Donna: What approach do you recommend to your clients virtually during these times to help calm their minds and energy?


Rita: I would recommend exercise, meditation, contemplation, journaling, breathing, some form of energy work, stay in the now, try not to project in the future. All of this and more will help alleviate anxiety and stress and keep you balanced.


Rita, it has been an honor to interview you today. I’m look forward to the time when I can attend your events live and continue with our monthly dinners.


Thank you for taking the time out to chat with me today.


To learn more about Rita Gigante and Space of Grace Healing visit her website at www.spaceofgracehealing.com

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