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Transformation Tips Tuesday at Energy of Serenity – Donna McDine, Reiki Master

Transformation Tips Tuesday at Energy of Serenity – Donna McDine, Reiki Master

Welcome to the first day of Transformation Tips Tuesday!


For those that may have missed my announcement, Transformation Tips Tuesday is all about my transformation along my spiritual path.


The initial spark for my spiritual path has and continues to be journaling.


The beginning of my spiritual path began twenty plus years ago as I embarked on my journaling adventure. To be completely honest with you, it wasn’t a consistent practice nor was it as in-depth as it is now. The writing down of my innermost thoughts did not come easily at first and I would often think…. “This is silly, why am I doing this?” Until the day I connected with Tina Games of The Moonlight Muse as to what I thought was happenstance at the time, but have come to realize everything truly does happen for a reason. What Tina was offering through her journaling retreat resonated with me from the onset and I haven’t looked back since. The transformation and ease I experienced was and continues to be astounding. Tina and I have remained connected throughout the years and I highly recommend you visit her website The Moonlight Muse to soak in all the resources she offers. You will be pleased you did so. By the way, I am not compensated for my shout out to Tina, all I am doing is sharing my heartfelt experience.


The world journaling may sound frightening to some with the thoughts of… “What happens if someone gets a hold of my journal and reads my deepest, darkest secrets?” Or “How boring to write about my daily life with I woke at 7 am, had breakfast, got ready for work, etc.”


Neither frightening nor boring needs to be a factor in your journaling exploration. Grammar and punctuation are not a worry either. Your journal is for your eyes only. Journaling topics abound. Consider your feelings at a particular moment, memories of an event or any aspect in your life you want to work through. The list is endless, use your imagination and don’t hold back.


Throughout my journaling adventure I take the time out every so often to look back on past entries and I’m exhilarated to say my life and personal outlook has grown immensely. If you decide to begin your journaling adventure, my hope for you is that you find it as rewarding as I have.


To get you started I offer the following journaling prompt…


Are you an avid journaler? If yes, what sparked you to get started? How has it changed you? If no, and this is your first time at journaling, what prompted you to start with this particular journaling book and what do you hope to get from it?


Thank you for joining me today and wishing you a splendid journaling adventure!












Donna McDine

I’m Donna McDine, Reiki Master and Mystic Light Energy Healer. I help women and men unveil their inner peace through Reiki energy healing. Through Reiki they can experience a serene and gentle journey to improve the overall quality of their lives. To find out more about my personal journey and how I can help unleash your personal energy healing visit me today at www.energyofserenity.com. For those of you interested in staying connected, I invite you to become an opt-in subscriber to my newsletter, which comes with a $20 off gift for one Reiki energy healing service as well as advanced notice to special offers before they are made to the general public. With love and light, Donna

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